keskiviikko 30. maaliskuuta 2011

Suomalaisen kuolemantutkimuksen seura - Föreningen för finländsk dödsforskning - Finnish Death Studies Association

To all our colleagues around the world :-) On Monday, March 28th the Finnish Death Studies Association - Suomalaisen kuolemantutkimuksen seura in Finnish, Föreningen för finländsk dödsforskning in Swedish - was founded. A small group was present but about 20 people have approached us about membership. At this point the most visible activity we will be having is the blog: Most of the material will be in Finnish or Swedish, but information on most dramatic developments will also be given in English. You'll find the members of the executive committee on the website. The importance of an association is bringing people together. Death studies is a truly multidisciplinary field and it must be so. Many academics and professionals feel quite alone in their own institutions and seem to "invent the wheel over and over again". This has been the case at least in Finland, which has not been made easier by thin international connections. We want to change this, permanently.